Technology Solutions

Digital Reporter Hardware and Software
Digitized audio recording software allows for synched annotations with simultaneous record and playback feature. Customizable function keys for rapid identification of speakers. It is the latest digital solution for court reporters, public reporters, information managers and videographers.

Digital Recorder Kit
Perfect for sending audio files to proofreaders anywhere in the world. No longer necessary to ship audiotapes – eliminates the expense of the audiotape and shipping. Digital recording is transferred to the computer through a USB cable or reader. Record all day with no need to change audiotapes or interrupt the proceeding.

Videoconferencing Systems
At high bandwidths utilizing IP protocol on dedicated T-1 that can deliver TV quality, up to 30 frames per second motion picture.

Computer Hardware/Software and Networking Equipment
Court Reporting Consultants provides services for all your IT needs. We understand the unique requirements of a reliable office network that any modern court reporting firm needs. We have been installing networks for court reporting firms nationwide since 1991. Other companies install computer network; CRC installs end-to-end solutions.

Secure Exchage/Repository Solution 
Court Reporting Consultants provides a leading solution for managing confidential documents, and delivers a highly secure web-based solution for editing and distributing confidential documents in the extended enterprise.