Owner’s Profile

Tonie M. Wallace, RPR, the owner of Court Reporting Consultants

Tonie M. Wallace is a native of and educated in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1971 Tonie Wallace established her first court reporting firm in Palm Beach, Florida, County Court Reporters, Inc. In 1973, she relocated to Leesburg, Virginia, and began working as the official criminal reporter for the Circuit Court for Loudoun County, Virginia, in addition to her freelance court reporting.

As County Court Reporters, Inc. grew, Ms. Wallace was faced with the challenge of managing numerous assignments, reporters, and employees. To meet this challenge, she developed StenAccount™, a court reporting management software program that provided functions to manage calendar, billing, collections, and payroll. StenAccount became the most widely used court reporting management software in the industry. 2003 saw the release of an updated, Windows© version of StenAcount™, re-named as Advanced LEGAL Manager™.

In the 1980s, Ms. Wallace speaking publicly before state and national court reporting associations, on business practices and strategic management of court reporting firms. Ms. Wallace’s business methods and processes became known and she was asked to provide consulting services leading to the formation of Court Reporting Consultants in 1988. The demand for her services exceeded her individual capacity, and a team of employees was trained and assembled to implement Ms. Wallace’s directions and to train client staff. Court Reporting Consultants remains in operation today offering services ranging from training, systems installation, consulting, strategic planning, and financial reviews, but now limits its services to a very select few clients since Ms. Wallace has determined that she can best capture the value of her business methods and processes by implementing them in a standard format on a national scale.

Throughout the 1990s and into 2000, Ms. Wallace continued operating her firms, however, always increased the value of the business methods she had developed. Wallace made a number of attempts to organize firm owners to form a nationwide company. The merger of the companies was continually challenged by the diverse personalities and emotional attachment of the various owners. Wallace then realized that such an organization could only be accomplished by either an outright purchase of firms on a large scale or starting a new firm. Wallace explored the acquisition of stenowriting schools to address the rapidly diminishing supply of stenowriters (and court reporters in general) with which the industry was faced. This led to Wallace’s realization that technology solutions were a better means to address this situation.

1998 saw the establishment of The Admin Group, LLC, organized to handle offsite production and billing.

In 1999, Maryland Court Reporting & Video Services, LLC in Baltimore, Maryland, was established to capture work in the Baltimore and metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. This firm served as a testing firm for the digital reporting technology developed by Ms. Wallace. Ms. Wallace has incorporated digital technology in all her firms to cover many assignments which stenowriters refuse, such as conferences, corporate meetings, or governmental hearings.

In 2001, Advanced Legal Reporting, LLC was formed to cover demand for court reporting and videography services in the Denver, Colorado market. That firm no longer operates.

In 2000, Ms. Wallace began to carefully and copiously document her operating processes in preparation for a national expansion into the court reporting market. This exercise revealed to Ms. Wallace the importance of technology for not only creating operating efficiencies, but also as a means to deliver value-added services and products to clients that would distinguish her companies from other firms. Ms. Wallace identified the value of securing exclusive relationships with voice technology companies to develop products for use in the court reporting industry.

Ms. Wallace’s vision led to the acquisition of the exclusive licenses granted to Ms. Wallace’s newest company, Advanced Legal Technologies, LLC, formed in 2001. Ms. Wallace licensed synchronization technology that automatically synchronized transcript text to the digital audio or video recording of the proceeding in a word-by-word searchable format, introducting Advanced.Sync™ products. In 2007 she forged a partnership with an existing competitor using the same engine to develop a transcript production tool, laying the groundwork for a court reporting digital recording software and eventually translation tool.

Ms. Wallace’s firms record every proceeding and synchronize the audio-to-text and hyperlinked exhibits for delivery on CD-ROM with every transcript they produce. Ms. Wallace’s lawyer clients, appreciate the value added by this technology as evidenced by their ready acceptance of it at an additional cost.

Ms. Wallace also acquired the license for the engine on which the Secure.File™ products were developed allowing the secure storage and access of client files and documents using biometric voice authentication processes. In 2007, during that same time working with VoiceTrust, AG, Ms. Wallace was introduced to the developers/owners of Brainloop, which provide virtually 100% security of access using only existing telephony infrastructure and an Internet connection. The applications of this technology clearly exceed the court reporting industry.

In 2001, Ms. Wallace relocated her headquarters to Historic Jordan Springs, Jordan Springs, Virginia. Since that time her focus has been the rigorous implementation and refinement of the business methods and processes she has developed and the redefinition of her businesses in light of the latest available technologies.

In November 2007, Ms. Wallace opened an event and cultural centre at Historic Jordan Springs, in addition to remaining closely focused on the pulse of the legal environment. As the number one visionary and only national paid consultant to court reporting professionals worldwide, Ms. Wallace is the first to realize and accept the change of technology in the environment and has strategically positioned herself to move forward to implement the revolutionizing of the entire court reporting profession, which she adamantly believes must come from outside the professional rather than within. Ms. Wallace secured the commitment from a team of experts ready to take on the challenge of the changes and now Ms. Wallace is focused on the new national development and expansion of her court reporting business model, Veteran Reporters, Inc.


  • Chairman, Institutional Development Committee, The Catholic High School of Baltimore
  • Member, National Court Reporters Association
  • Member, Virginia Court Reporters Association
  • Past Member,Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association
  • Past Member, Maryland Court Reporters Association
  • Member, Society for the Technological Advancement of Court Reporting
  • Member, National Verbatim Reporters Association
  • Member, American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers
  • Member, Winchester-Frederick County Chamber of Commerce
  • Past Member, Finance Committee, The Catholic High School of Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland
  • Past Chairman, Fort Collier Civil War Center, Winchester, Virginia
  • Past Vice Chairman, McCormick Civil War Institute, Winchester, Virginia
  • Past Director, Board of Directors, National Court Reporters Association Service Corporation
  • Past Chairman, President’s Advisory Council, Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia
  • Past Member, Business Advisory Council, Shenandoah University Winchester, Virginia
  • Past Chairman, Old Town Winchester Development Board
  • Past Chairman, Aids Response Effort, Winchester/Frederick County, Virginia
  • Past Member, Frederick County Personnel Committee
  • Past Director, Board of Directors, Wayside Theatre
  • Past Director, Board of Directors, Junior Achievement, Metropolitan Washington
  • Past Chairman, Junior Achievement, Loudoun County, Virginia – Hallmark Award 1978
  • Past Member, Legal Advisory Committee, Hagerstown Business College

International & National Speaking Experience

  • SPEECHTek, New York, New York
  • Intersteno, Rome, Italy
  • Defense Research Institute, Washington, D.C.
  • Eastern European Telecommunications Conference, Sophia, Bulgaria
  • Court Technology Conference, Kansas City, Kansas
  • University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi
  • Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia
  • West Virginia Paralegal Association, Romney, West Virginia
  • National Court Reporters Association annual and mid-year conventions in over 20 states
  • State Court Reporting Associations in over 40 states
  • American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers annual convention in over 10 states
  • National Verbatim Reporters Association annual conventions in over 17 states