About Us

Court Reporting Consultants¬†is a firm owned and managed by Tonie M. Wallace, CCR, CME, RPR (ret), with clients in the USA, Canada and Europe. Hard work, high standards and innovation are what makes this consulting firm stand out in the court reporting profession. The firm’s overriding purpose is its dedication to their clients. That is the foundation on which the firm was built and on which their long-lasting relationship with their clients is based. It is the strength that has supported the firm’s growth and their clients’ growth.

It is the belief of the owner, Tonie M. Wallace, RPR, that the basis of any long-term, successful relationship with a client is a shared understanding of the client’s goal. Working together with the client in a partnership to build the client’s business creates success for both the client and us.

We are most proud of our long-lasting relationships we have with our clients. We recognize that this is possible only when we have been successful as a consultant and a coach using our experience and expertise to increase our clients’ success. We must understand your business as intimately as you understand your business. We listen and learn from you the owner, the employees and your clients.

As consultants, we realize that the strength of a successful marketing plan is in the quality of the data. With years of collective experience, Court Reporting Consultants assists the client in learning and profiting data and database management.